This Keurig Surprised Me With Its Delicious Iced Coffee — Plus, It’s 40% Off Today

updated Oct 10, 2023
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I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I drink iced coffee year-round, despite living in New York City, where it gets cold in the winter. In fact, as weird as it is, I don’t even love hot beverages — maybe it’s because I generally run hot, or maybe I just can’t get enough of the refreshing chill when it hits my throat. Cold brew, iced lattes, nitro — if it’s iced, I love it all, especially through the summer heat. (If only you could see the gorgeous swirl of the milk trickling down my iced coffee glass sitting next to me as I write this.) Which is why I was ecstatic to test out Keurig’s new K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker these past few months, and even more excited to let you know that it’s 40% off during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days on Oct. 10 and 11 — that’s the lowest price ever on the machine!

I’d only ever used Keurigs at my grandparents’ house and at hotels, and loved the convenience of them, but never had one for myself. Obviously I was the perfect candidate, as an iced coffee lover who lives by myself, and let me tell you — it did not disappoint. Consider me a Keurig convert.

Credit: Quinn Fish

Keurig’s first-ever iced coffee gizmo is essentially the same as other Keurig single-serve coffee makers, but with a “Brew Over Ice” button. For those who prefer their coffee hot (or live with someone who does), it also brews hot coffee, as long as you don’t press that button. Best of both worlds! When you press the “Brew Over Ice” button, which is really just a button with a cute image of an iced coffee, the machine automatically adjusts the brew temperature, starting hotter to extract full flavor, then cooling down to minimize ice melt.

After cleaning the sleek new addition to my coffee bar (I opted for Arctic Gray, which is a pretty blue-gray, but it also comes in white), I filled my cup up with ice, placed a new K-cup into the top (Keurig also debuted a handful of tasty new K-cups specifically formulated for brewing over ice, although I’ve used standard K-cups, too), chose my coffee size (choose between 8 ounces, 10 ounces, and 12 ounces, which adjust for the amount of ice if you go for an iced coffee), then waited about a minute for my cup to be full. It also has a “Strong” button for a stronger brew, which is equally as tasty, but makes a bolder, more intense cup. 

Credit: Quinn Fish

What’s great about Keurig is that every cup has the same great taste and quality. I’ve probably made close to a hundred cups since I got it, and each one has been as excellent as the last. Plus, each cup of iced coffee I’ve made has withstood the ice, meaning I’ve had chilled, actually iced coffee until the very last drop, without it tasting watered-down. As iced coffee lovers know, pouring hot coffee over ice generally only makes for a watery, lukewarm cup of Joe. And nobody wants that.

Before I got the new Keurig, I would make a pot of coffee, drink what I could (while hot, ugh), then put the rest in the refrigerator overnight to drink chilled the next day. With the Keurig, there’s no night-before prep, no measuring ground coffee — it brews in record time, and the iced coffee is fresher than ever. It’s honestly made my iced caffeine habit dangerously easy. 

Credit: Quinn Fish

If you’re making coffee for more than one person, the removable reservoir holds 42 ounces, so you’ll have to refill it more frequently depending on how much coffee is being made (it holds about four cups). For me, I only have to replace it every few days, which is a stark contrast to my classic coffee pot. To make it easier on you, a light will come on when you need more water, and there’s another light for when it’s time to descale your coffee maker (which I haven’t seen come on yet). You can also remove the drip tray for more room for your cup if your coffee tumbler is a little bit taller, up to seven inches.

One reason I never opted for a Keurig in the past is because I honestly felt the single-use cups were both expensive and wasteful. However, you can also get refillable, reusable K-cups so you can fill them with your own ground coffee (or tea!), without tossing each cup in the trash afterwards. 

For total transparency, the first unit I tested worked perfectly for about a month before it slowed to a small drip, and I never figured out why. My second machine has worked like a charm; Keurig also offers a one-year warranty if this happens to you.

A few months and dozens of cups of iced coffee later, I can confidently say the new Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker is perfect year-round, whether you drink coffee iced or hot, and would make an incredible gift for the coffee-lover or small-space dweller in your life.

Buy: Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker, $59.99 (normally $99.99)