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I Started Using This Tiny Pod Coffee Machine Whenever My French Press Feels Like Too Much Work

published Dec 7, 2021
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Credit: Cathy Pyle

With so many other ways to make delicious coffee at home, I had written off using Keurig coffee makers for years. The only time I used one was in college when my top concern was getting caffeine quickly, especially when I’d drink upward of four or five coffees a day. Now, I tend to drink just one cup a day and prefer to take my time while brewing it by using small single-cup French press. It’s woven into my morning routine: I wake up and turn on my kettle right away, then pour the water in the press once it’s ready, letting the coffee grounds steep while I get ready. It has become a ritual that I enjoy during my work from home days, so I thought I didn’t have much of an interest in a coffee pod machine. Once I tried the new K-Express Single Serve Coffee Maker, however, I realized this little machine also has a lot to offer!

When I received my new machine, I quickly realized a lot had changed for Keurig since using the classic model in my dorm room nine years ago. Right off the bat, I loved the compact size and super sleek look. Not having enough counter space in my kitchen for a coffee maker was part of the reason I bought my tiny French press, so having a machine that’s small enough to place elsewhere is necessary. I ended up finding a home for my Keurig on the small bar cart in my living room instead, where it nestles in perfectly. It’s also a great way to avoid roommate congestion in my narrow kitchen!

While new Keurig machines like the K-Supreme allow you to control the water temperature and flow rate (which our contributor who’s also a coffee professional tried and loved!), I actually appreciate the simplicity of the K-Express’s controls. This model has the standard three cup sizes, but it also has a strong brew button which is one of my favorite aspects. I recall Keurig coffees in the past tasting a little too light for my preference, but this setting ensures a bold cup, especially if you make the smallest size.

Credit: Erin Cavoto

Above everything else, the one thing that really wowed me was how speedy this machine is. I was shocked to find that you don’t have to wait for the water to warm up after changing the reservoir or when turning it on first thing in the morning. Instead, the water instantly heats as it brews your coffee! My jaw honestly dropped when I tried it for the first time. So even if you overslept, you can still get your morning cup of joe in with this incredibly quick machine!

Although I still enjoy my morning French press ritual, I love having this Keurig on hand for days when I’d rather just press a button and have instant coffee. It’s also a great option for no-fuss coffees during busy afternoons or serving guests, since my single-serve French press is too time-consuming for making multiple cups. I also plan on buying a reusable K-cup so I can cut down on waste and fill it with grounds from my local coffee shop.

With a price tag of $69.99, it’s one of the cheapest Keurig machines out there. You can also purchase it from Amazon or Target if that’s more convenient for you. It’s more than worth it, especially as a thoughtful coffee gift for someone with a small space!