My New Favorite $5 Potato Chips Taste Exactly Like This Beloved Condiment

published Apr 17, 2024
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When it comes to potato chips, I love a good, satisfying crunch, and Kettle Brand hits on that front — every time. (The best ones are folded over so you get double the crunch per bite.) So when I got word that the brand was launching a limited-edition flavor for the summer, I was definitely intrigued. 

When I got the chance to sample the new Kettle Brand Gochujang Potato Chips before they hit shelves, I immediately was on board. Chef Eric Choi, owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant C as in Charlie in New York, put together a three-course dinner — beef tartare, potato gnocchi tteokbokki, and chicken stew pot pie — that featured the chips in every dish. (I had the vegetarian options.)

Here’s everything you need to know about Kettle’s latest spicy addition to the lineup, including my honest review.

Credit: Alexandra Foster

What You Should Know About Kettle Brand Gochujang Potato Chips

Inspired by the beloved red pepper paste, the kettle-cooked chips are seasoned with a mix of sugar and spices, including onion and garlic powder, red bell pepper, and cayenne pepper sauce. The chips, which are sold in two-toned red bags, are currently in stores now and only available through the summer. You can find them at retailers nationwide starting at $5.29 (slightly more online).

If you’re in the New York City area, you can also order beef tartare served with Kettle Brand Gochujang Potato Chips at C as in Charlie until April 20. 

Credit: Alexandra Foster

My Honest Review of Kettle Brand Gochujang Potato Chips

Admittedly I have a very low tolerance for spice, so I was pleasantly surprised to find these packed just the right amount of heat without veering too far into mouth-burning territory. It was slightly smoky, peppery, and spicy with a hint of sweetness and tang. The flavor was strong and punchy, like an elevated barbecue potato chip.

It also had the solid, audible crunch that I was looking for. The spice did build the more I ate, but it was definitely something I could handle as a strictly “mild” girl. In fact, I couldn’t stop eating them and had to restrain myself so I could enjoy the rest of the courses. 

After the event, I also gave a bag to my family over the weekend, and it was gone by the time I asked for their thoughts. That’s pretty high praise from them.

Buy: Kettle Brand Gochujang Potato Chips, $5.99 for 6.5 ounces at Instacart 

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