The 10 Best Keto Foods for Meal Prep

updated Aug 30, 2019
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It’s fair to say that following a keto diet requires a lot of cooking. To the uninitiated, it can have the potential to feel a little daunting, but get in the habit of meal prep and you’ll see that it’s a total game-changer. Getting a leg up on this meat-heavy diet with a meal prep session and some upfront work will make busy weekdays a whole lot easier. Here are 10 recipes to get you started.

First and foremost, this chili is just plain delicious, whether you follow a keto diet or not. It doubles down on meat with beef and bacon, plus adds mushrooms for an extra-meaty texture. Best to make a double batch and stock the freezer.

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Cook up a batch of super-tender, spiced chicken carnitas, then use them for cauliflower rice burrito bowls in the week ahead.

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And speaking of burrito bowls, you’re gonna need a really good base to go with that chicken, which is exactly where this herb-flecked veggie rice comes in.

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Round up the leftover veggies, meat, and cheese in the fridge, and anything goes with a frittata.

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Between quick grab-and-go meals as well as snacks, keeping a batch of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge is always a good idea — trust me.

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Roast chicken is one of the greatest things to add to your meal prep routine. While it’s pretty easy to pull off, it’s tricky to find the time to make this classic during the week.

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If you can’t find the no-sugar bacon to start this recipe, it’s totally okay to skip it altogether; the result is still outstanding. Eat the shredded pork as is, add it to salads or burrito bowls, or use it for cauliflower fried rice.

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These tofu cubes will lose the crunch after a stint in the fridge, but I can tell you that they are no less delicious. Make a batch during meal prep, and turn it into lunch for the week.

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Unlike green salads, this tangy slaw has the power to hold up like a star for days in the fridge. Top it with baked tofu cubes, roast chicken, or chicken carnitas to turn it into a meal.

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The bread is definitely a no-go, but do not let that be the reason you overlook this mayo-free chicken salad. Eat it on its own or stuffed in a collard wrap or lettuce cup.