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Kentucky Breakfast Cocktail with Apricot Preserves & Bourbon

updated May 2, 2019
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Let me make one thing clear: Aside from the rare mimosa, I don’t drink with breakfast. But, if you’re like me, don’t let the name of this frothy cocktail put you off. This drink would be good at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or after hours.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is a lovely little cocktail — it’s really been the cocktail of the moment in my house. It has some old-fashioned touches, like an egg white added for frothiness. I love the fuller body and little head of foam that shaken egg whites bring to a mixed drink. (If you don’t like drinking raw egg whites, well… all I can say is, at least give them a try. I haven’t had any trouble with organic eggs, and there are pasteurized whites available too, if you are seriously concerned.)

In addition there’s also the smooth, vanilla-tinged bourbon, a bit of sweetness from simple syrup, tang from lemon, and a teaspoon of apricot jam to balance it all out. It’s a delicious drink — not too sweet, not too tart. Round and balanced, but a little pert too. I love serving it in old-fashioned glasses as a post-dinner treat, instead of dessert. I also have been adding my own twist, using Meyer lemon juice and fresh ginger simple syrup.

This drink came my way from Jeffrey Morgenthaler of the terrific Portland establishment, Clyde Common. Check out his recipe and some other tips for making drinks with egg whites.

Get the recipe: Kentucky Breakfast Cocktail from Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Clyde Common, published at Oregon Live
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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