For Superstar Kelly Rowland, Self-Care Sometimes Means Stashing a Stainless Steel Straw in Her Purse

published Jul 31, 2019
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Welcome to Feel Good Five, where we ask people to share the stuff that helps them feel their best.

It’s not every day that you find out that you have something in common with one of the OG members of Destiny’s Child, but guess what? THE Kelly Rowland and I both keep stainless steel straws stashed in our purses. It’s uncanny! Stars, they’re just like us — am I right?!

How do I know this? Well, I recently got to chat with Kelly, who teamed up with Honey Nut Cheerios to promote their Whole Heart Challenge in partnership with My Fitness Pal. Of course, I had to find out Kelly’s #FeelGoodFive too while I had the chance. Here are the five things that help this superstar mom feel her very best:

1. Breakfast and SoulCycle for the soul. 

Before I workout in the morning, I eat breakfast. I start out with a healthy carb like Honey Nut Cheerios and then I’ll have egg whites with spinach and grapefruit. Sometimes I’ll have Ezekiel Bread with peanut butter or almond butter.

Then it’s time to workout. I like to change my workouts up, so I do a mix of high intensity training, low intensity training, boxing, pilates, yoga, and SoulCycle. SoulCycle, though! The only SoulCycle class I go to is with Angela Davis in Los Angeles. She’s amazing. Man, when you have a good SoulCycle day, your whole day is right. 

2. Mother-son snack time.

My son Titan (he’s five) loves to snack on Honey Nut Cheerios. It was his first snack that he started to eat. Another snack we love? Popcorn. Kettle corn…in that red bag. He also loves Pirate’s Booty and fruit snacks. And I’m so jelly of him because I’m like, ugh, I want a fruit snack.

3. A homemade afternoon pick-me-up.

I recently learned how to make chia seed pudding. I make mine with just chia seeds, almond milk, honey, a little cinnamon (of course), and let it sit. I put raspberries with mine. It’s SO good. 

4. Simple veggies, straight-up.

Do not laugh at me… have you ever had just plain radish, by itself, cut up? It’s my new thing. That and fennel with lemon juice and a little bit of salt and pepper. 

5. Saving the sea turtles.

I literally drink water all day long and have my whole life. I like to infuse it with lemon or strawberries or mint. I’m really loving this new water bottle I have. It’s called the LARQ Bottle which cleans itself with an LED light and it doesn’t smell. It’s been great for me, I carry it on the plane.

I don’t like plastic water bottles and I’m trying to make my house a plastic-free environment. It’s the hardest thing to do but it’s so necessary. My son loves whales, sharks, and marine life so much so I was like, we have to change our household. I also carry around a stainless steel straw.

Me too, Kelly, me too

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Thanks so much for sharing, Kelly!