Keeping Count: 5 Ways to Keep Track While Measuring

Keeping Count: 5 Ways to Keep Track While Measuring

Emma Christensen
Jan 31, 2011

There is nothing quite as awful as that "uh-oh" moment that comes right after you pour one more cup of sugar in the bowl and realize you have no idea what number you're on. Or whether or not you already added the vanilla. Yes, oh yes, we've all been there. Here are a few tricks to help us keep track.

1. Mise en Place - Measuring things out ahead of time in their own little bowls can seem kind of finicky, but it's definitely the surest way to make sure you've measured accurately. And since everything is measured out ahead of time, you can clearly see if something has already been added or not.

2. Count Out Loud - We started doing this after several of you mentioned it when we were soliciting advice on this very subject a few years back. Somehow counting out loud really fixes it in your head so you don't lose track.

3. Hash Marks in the Surface - If we get interrupted during counting, we'll just make hash marks in the surface of whatever we're measuring so we know where to pick up when we come back.

4. Make a Clock Face - This is the same principle as the hash marks. If we get interrupted, we'll use our mixing spoon or measuring cup like the big hand on a clock and lay it facing the last number we counted.

5. Use a White Board - If you have a white board in your kitchen already, you can use it to make notes or hash marks to yourself to remember where you are in your counting. We find this handy for a big recipe with lots of steps and ingredients for both keeping count and also for remembering if we've already added an ingredient!

What other ways do you keep count while cooking?

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