Keep Your Snacks Chill on Your Road Trip

If you’re heading out this weekend to visit family for Easter or just planning to hit the road because, well, spring, you’ll probably want to pack some snacks for your trip. After all, nothing sparks road rage like letting yourself get hangry.

That means you’ll definitely need this ingenious picnic tote that has the ice packs built right — especially if you’ll be spending more than an hour or two in the car.

(Image credit: PackIt)

I’ve used the lunch bag version of this tote for picnics and for bringing homemade ice cream to dinner parties, but the larger size is ideal if you’re packing for a bigger group.

In addition to extra space (it can fit four standard 750-milliliter wine bottles), the tote has a separate pouch for stashing napkins, utensils, and other items that don’t need to stay chilled.

Both the smaller lunch bag and larger picnic tote versions have a freezable gel lining that will keep your food cold for up to 10 hours. Just stick the bag in the freezer overnight, and by morning it should be completely frozen. And even as the lining starts to thaw, the outside of the bag stays dry. We think that’s pretty cool.