Keep Sauces Warm With Something You Already Have

updated May 2, 2019
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(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

Timing a meal so that everything is ready at the same time isn’t easy, especially when you are serving a delicate sauce that needs to be kept warm. Sometimes there isn’t enough space on the stove or you need to commandeer the saucepan for another dish, so here’s an easy solution to keep your sauces piping hot using something you probably already have in the kitchen cabinet.

I’m not a huge coffee drinker, so I’ve found another use for my insulated coffee tumbler: keeping sauces warm until I’m ready to serve them or if I need to transport them somewhere!

While most sauces and gravies are easy to reheat, delicate ones like hollandaise or bearnaise run the risk of breaking when being kept warm on the stove and require more attention than I sometimes have. By keeping the sauce in the coffee tumbler, it stays hot and at the right consistency, plus you can even travel with and use it as a serving vessel.

To keep sauces extra-hot, pour some hot water into the tumbler for a few minutes to preheat it, but you don’t need to do that for the delicate sauces, as the extra heat may cause them to break. Just remember to warn those around you about the contents of the tumbler, lest someone accidentally thinks it’s a beverage and takes a swig!