K-Cups and Coffee Pod Systems: Love Them or No, Thanks?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Starbucks announced recently that they will be yet another brand to enter the world of K-cups come November. No doubt you’ve come across these coffee makers and their many pod variations. They’re certainly convenient, but do you use K-cups?

I’ve always held strong to my French press: It doesn’t have to sit on my counter, I can easily throw it in the dishwasher, and it makes a great, simple cup of coffee. I thought that the process of boiling water and letting the coffee brew was a very efficient use of my morning time, especially when compared to the cappuccino maker I once used. But then I tried a coffee maker that uses pods while on vacation. Talk about instant gratification!

I don’t love that coffee pod systems generate so much waste — each of those pods is good for one cup of coffee or tea and then must be thrown away. Those little pods are convenient, but create a surprising amount of waste. However, they taste much better than the pouch systems, like Flavia, I’ve tried.

I’ll keep using my French press at home, but, I will continue to jump at the convenience of coffee pods and K-cups at the office and when traveling.

Do you have a coffee maker that uses K-cups or pods?

(Images: Flickr user pjinomaha licensed for use under Creative Commons)