KCRW Brings Us Music to Cook By

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I love KCRW’s Good Food radio program. And while I tune into every week for Evan Kleiman and all the great food related content, there’s another reason why I find the show so enjoyable: the great music clips played in between segments. The clips are selected by KCRW’s Music Supervisor Gary Mecija, who is now lining up the tracks for KCRW’s latest feature, Music to Cook By.

Every Wednesday a new track will go up. Right now there are just two but based on those and the music that can already be heard on Good Food, this will grow into a mighty fine selection. In a few months it should be just long enough to help us to get dinner on the table. In six months, it will keep us company for an afternoon of dinner party cooking. In a year, perhaps it will help us to tackle Thanksgiving!

Playing music while cooking just doubles the pleasure all around, in my experience. I’m looking forward to discovering what Mr. Mecija will come up with next!

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