These “So Delicious” Beef Hot Dogs Are the Best I’ve Ever Tasted (I’m Grilling Them All Summer!)

published Jun 24, 2024
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Hot Dogs in the Oven on a sheet tray.
Credit: Maria Do

When I tell you I’m a hot dog girl, I’m not kidding — in fact, my friends and I have a shared note with a running tally of how many hot dogs we’ve eaten this summer and a ranking of our favorites. There’s something about a good hot dog that hits the spot, and admittedly, even a cheap, mystery-meat grocery store hot dog does it for me. But, I recently decided it’d be best to switch to all-beef hot dogs. (At least I know what’s in them!) After a few of our editors attended QVC’s Foodie Fest and couldn’t stop raving about the Kansas City Steak Co. hot dogs, I knew what my next tally would be in my shared note. And the ranking? High.

Kansas City Steak Co.’s hot dogs are made of 100% beef and are available in a package of 16. Shipped swiftly in just two days, you can be grilling these delicious dogs by the weekend. Hesitant to order? Now, through July 28, you can get 25% off your first food order on QVC with code FOOD25. So, really, there’s no reason not to get them.

What Are Kansas City Steak Co. All Beef Hot Dogs?

Unlike traditional hot dogs made with scraps and inexpensive cuts of meat, these all-beef hot dogs are crafted with the best cuts from Kansas City Steak Co., a gourmet steak company. You can trust the high quality. We spoke to the founder, Ralph Pallarino, who said, “It still tastes like a hot dog, but it’s cleaner. It’s beefier. It’s got a real edginess to it. And people really love these.”

These franks are also much bigger than average, weighing in at 3.2 ounces compared with the typical 1.6 ounces, giving you more bang for your buck in terms of size.

Our editors attended QVC’s Foodie Fest, and “impressed” is an understatement. “I could tell right away that the quality was better than other hot dogs,” said Commerce Editorial Assistant Morgan Pryor. “Others don’t come close. Definitely worth stocking up on over the summer!”

Commerce SEO Editor Sarah Vazquez added, “I’m a BIG hot dog girl, so much so that it’s almost a running joke in my family. I’m always down to try a new dog. When we came across these hot dogs at QVC’s Foodie Fest, I fell in love. These are quite literally the best hot dogs I’ve ever tasted. All beef — no fillers or junk ingredients — and double the size of a traditional hot dog, I was instantly impressed. In fact, the flavor is so good, you don’t even need any toppings — though they could only make them (somehow?) better.”

If the thought of these juicy hot dogs makes your mouth water as much as ours, we recommend ordering them while summer’s in session. Remember, QVC customers get 25% off their first food purchase with code FOOD25 (up to $50!), which sweetens the deal.

Credit: QVC

What QVC Reviewers Are Saying

Rating: 4.2/5

“Once I had a Kansas City steak dog, not other hot dog steak dogs can come close. These are one of those items you keep stocked in your freezer.” — yattp 

“These hot dogs are really flavorful. Tastes really beefy and with a nice crisp bite no matter how you prepare them. Really large size so you get big rolls for them. Really satisfied with the purchase. Will continue to get them.” —MorganSchiff

“These are a big hit at our house! My partner is a hot dog fanatic, and I was a bit skeptical about these, but he loves them. They cook up well on the grill or in the skillet on low heat.” —nananeu

Kansas City Steak Co.’s all-beef hot dogs let you skip the questionable ingredients. Delivered straight to your door in just two days, they’re precooked and packed with dry ice for ultimate freshness. Plus, they offer convenient onetime orders or auto-delivery to keep the hot dog fun rolling.

Buy: Kansas City Steak Co. All Beef Hot Dogs, $59.98 or $44.99 with first-time food purchase using code FOOD25 (originally $66)