This Is the Food Critic the Internet Needs Right Now

published Dec 28, 2017
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(Image credit: Kalen Reacts/ YouTube)

The world has been taken over by short recipe videos in the last several years. We can all blame Buzzfeed Tasty for this. It’s personally one of my favorite parts of the internet, because it allows me to see if I want to make a recipe before I read through the instructions and buy ingredients. Now people on YouTube are taking these videos to the next level by reviewing the recipe videos, and they are totally hilarious.

Kalen Reacts is my new favorite thing to watch on YouTube. It might be that we’re both originally from Kansas City or, most likely, because he says what we’re all truly thinking when we watch recipe videos. He describes himself as “an actor, singer, and dancer, and according to the internet, now a food critic.”

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His YouTube channel provides you with both his own recipes and play-by-play commentary of different food videos that others have made. Some of his videos are more verbally colorful than others, so watch with care at work or around children.

He was recently featured over on Ellen for his wisecracking antics, and for good reason — he’s so funny!

Often times when we take a moment out of our day to watch one of these quick recipe videos, it’s easy to mock what we see. So I’m glad that someone is reacting the way I might from the comfort of my own bed (isn’t that where you catch up on the day’s videos?) to help show the world that just because you saw it online doesn’t mean you need to try it at home.

What’s your favorite reaction video?