Kacey Musgraves’ Gorgeous, Airy Kitchen Embraces the Year’s Hottest Trends (and Then Some!)

published Jun 11, 2024
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headshot of Kasey Musgraves
Credit: Jamie McCarthy

Singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves, whose music and red carpet looks can be best described as “cosmic cowgirl,” has brought her eclectic style into her new home. After filing for divorce and beginning work on a new album, she needed a serene space to start her next chapter — and she found it in Nashville!

Musgraves opted to restore the 3,000-square-foot home to a blank canvas, then spent the next few months incorporating personal touches and meaningful details that made the new space feel like home. The balance of airiness and warmth in combination with quirky, unexpected furnishings makes this an instant dream kitchen! Below, let’s dive into Spacey Kacey’s kitchen design so that you can re-create the same vibe in your own space — keep reading to learn how to tap into these winning trends

Start with the right shade of cream.

The pink-toned cream paint brings a sense of warmth and comfort to the room, while complementing the light wood decor. The shade also balances out brighter accents, making it a great backdrop for the pops of greenery throughout the space.

Embrace a neutral color palette.

The country star elevated her cream walls by incorporating other warm, neutral shades throughout the room. Her kitchen table, a minimalistic off-white surface, serves as the focal point of the room. It’s paired with light wooden stools, which create a mild contrast. Elsewhere, Musgraves peppered darker wood accents throughout the space to round out the warm color palette. 

Work with your space.

Although she went back to basics before decorating, the bones of Musgraves’ kitchen have remained front and center. It’s so chic that she kept the layout of the space intact, and instead embraced the unexpected details, making excellent use of each cutout.

Incorporate greenery.

While the backdrop and decor stick to neutral shades, she added a few pops of color to give a little more life to the room. She made use of the largest cutout by incorporating a plant wall. Four shelves of white potted plants bring renewed interest and vibrancy into the space. To re-create at home, experiment with different shapes and textures for a creative touch.

Invest in proper storage and shelving.

One of the best design choices is Musgraves’ move to eliminate cabinets. This is key to maintaining the airy, open feel — however, it can create a storage challenge. Rather than relying on bulky cabinets, she’s made use of the existing drawer space and added additional shelving. To mimic the style, start by ensuring your drawer storage system is working efficiently and consider adding in drawer organizers as needed. 

You might opt for this option for silverware, and a larger pegboard to keep serving dishes in place. Once you’ve figured out how much shelving is needed, choose a style that fits your needs. Perhaps this matching set for a pared-down look, or these tulette shelves for a little extra flair. 

Play with shapes.

Her plant wall added a burst of renewed energy, but another detail also plays into her symbolic next chapter: the lantern. She chose to incorporate circles and orbs throughout her home to represent moving forward, a major theme from her latest album, and the kitchen is no exception. The black-and-white lanterns fit right into the neutral space, with an added edginess thanks to the grid pattern. Achieve this look with a round lantern, like the Guliana dimmable pendant, or choose an unexpected take on the trend, like with the unique shape and black line work of the Verona pendant lamp, which still maintains the light airiness of paper lanterns.