The Ingenious, Time-Saving $20 Find No Griller Should Be Without

published Apr 7, 2023
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someone holding up chicken souvlaki in a pita
Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

Break out the sunscreen, swap the sweaters for swim trunks, and ice down the beers: Summer’s coming, people, and we couldn’t be more ready. Okay, maybe the warmest months of the year aren’t here just yet, but here at Kitchn, we’ve been manifesting sunshine and cracked fire hydrants since late January. And, because the weather is finally starting to warm up near us, we’ve got our minds set on one thing, and one thing only: grilling season. We can’t wait to be able to host backyard parties and get out of the kitchen and onto the deck, patio, or porch — and fire up the grill. Grilling is an easy, healthy way to put together both elaborate spreads for dinner parties and weeknight meals for you and your loved ones. One of the easiest ways to grill kebabs, and we recently stumbled across this awesome grilling gadget that we’ll definitely be working into our warm weather rotation this spring and summer: the Kabob Grilling Baskets from Uncommon Goods.

The best part about kebabs is the formula: meat and veggies, skewered on a stick. That’s it, and that’s why it’s so great — the dish lets you customize your meal with whatever ingredients you’d like, and the unique cooking method (where all the pieces are roughly the same size) lends itself to even cooking and delicious grill marks. On the other hand, kebabs can be a bit of a pain to put together, and if you don’t have those hard-to-clean metal skewers, your only option used to be single-use wooden skewers that you’d have to soak ahead of time. Plus, you always run the risk of having your pieces of protein and veggies fall through the grill grates — and while that smells good, you’re losing lots of delicious bites. That’s where these ingenious Kabob Grilling Baskets come into play. 

Made from steel wire and topped with a hardwood handle, this set of four baskets eliminates the need to use a skewer, and the basket design makes for easy flipping and even cooking on the grill. You just add whatever pieces of food you’d normally skewer into the baskets, flip the lid closed, and whack ‘em onto the grill. Oh, and if you’re not meticulous about scraping down your grates every time you cook, you don’t have to worry, because your food isn’t directly touching your (possibly gnarly) grill surface — which is also great for communal grills at the beach or public park. Now, if you’re a skewer die-hard just for the sake of it, fair enough, but at Kitchn, we refuse to be trammeled by tradition, so you’ll catch us loading (and reloading) our Kabob Grilling Baskets all summer long. (Plus, it saves you the embarrassment of having to awkwardly try to pull your food off a skewer tableside, which almost always results in splattered juices and a red face.) 

Credit: Uncommon Goods

And, with a 4.6-star average rating from 580 reviews, it’s clear these are a crowd favorite. “[They’re] perfect to keep the ‘splinters’ out of the food from using bamboo skewers that you need to soak for an hour before use,” one reviewer writes. “We found that cleanup is easier if you spray the basket with cooking spray first. Perfect to put veggies in one and meats in the other since both cook at different times. Price point on the product was awesome!” 

So, if you’re looking for a gift for an outdoor cooking enthusiast, a simple gadget to make weeknight meals a breeze, or just an easy and affordable way to level up your grilling game this spring and summer, snag yourself a set of Kabob Grilling Baskets from Uncommon Goods ASAP.