Juuri Jars: The (Way) Upscale Mason Jars for Truly Stunning Food Storage

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Storing food in jars is the quickest way to a neater, cleaner pantry. Now don’t get us wrong: while we love mason, Weck, and basic spaghetti and peanut butter jars for storing food staples, they pale in comparison to these stunning glass storage jars from Juuri.

These heat-resistant borosilicate glass jars have a flexible silicone collar for an airtight seal, and aren’t the colors (clear, smoke, or blue glass) so pretty? I love how they look all together. They’re advertised as being good for office and desk organization, too, hence the pencils and rubberbands you see in the first photo! Minimal, streamlined, functional yet fancy… and priced that way, with each jar costing $32-$44.

Alas, I’ll probably stick with my regular food jars for now, but these are definitely wishlisted.

Buy It! Juuri Storage Jars, $32-$44 at Horne

(Images: Menu A/S via Horne)