Justin’s Nut Butters Now Owned by the Same Company as SPAM

(Image credit: Justin’s, LLC)

In the summer of 2004, Justin’s made its humble public debut at a Colorado farmers market. Today you can find Justin’s products in 40 percent of all grocery stores nationwide. Not surprisingly, the company’s strong growth and dedicated following captured the attention of industry giants, which led to their recent acquisition by Hormel.

That’s right – Justin’s and SPAM are now owned by the same company.

Hormel’s purchase of Justin’s LLC has sparked some skepticism, but it might be a relief to hear that the agreement involves keeping the current leadership team in place. Founder Justin Gold told The Denver Post that “Hormel truly believes and supports the position of Justin’s in organics and sustainability,” indicating that the purchase would help them improve operations in a way that aligned with the brand’s existing standards and goals. To that point, he added that he doesn’t “feel like Justin’s is selling out, [he] feel[s] like Hormel is buying in.”

How does this move make you feel about the future of Justin’s? I really hope nothing changes with their peanut butter cups!