This $10 Amazon Find Makes Grocery Store Flowers Look Like a Pro Arrangement

published Apr 18, 2023
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Alstroemeria floral arrangement in vase with floral frog at the bottom.
Credit: Shifrah Combiths

I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP), and this facet of who I am affects most parts of my daily life. For instance, having overhead lights on at night really bothers me, a cluttered environment can send me into a stress spiral more than it might for other people, and rushing makes me feel like I’m in danger. There are, however, positive parts of being an HSP, too — I get a thrill out of soft lamplight and feel more deeply moved by a delicious line of poetry than other people might. Over the years, I’ve learned how to temper these extremes, how to use the things that give me joy to help calm my overactive nervous system down. 

One of my standby strategies is to always have fresh flowers on our kitchen table. This is an area I attempt to keep cleared off when not in use. Having fresh flowers in the center gives me a bright spot, a “happy place” that anchors me in gratitude and joy, even if my surroundings are otherwise overwhelming. I often buy alstroemerias from Trader Joe’s because, in addition to being beautiful, they’re inexpensive, and they last for a couple weeks or more. Of course, you don’t have to be an HSP to appreciate fresh flowers! 

For all of the flower-lovers out there, I recently discovered a tool that will help anyone who loves to bring the outdoors in create professional-looking arrangements: a flower frog

It’s a small, circular $10 tool full of sharp spikes that you place in the bottom of your vase with rubber on the base so it won’t scratch your container. After adding water to the vase, you place your floral stems, greenery, or even sticks into the “frog.” Rather than trying to balance the stems against each other to make a decent bouquet, the spikes allow you far more control over where the stems are placed so that you’re able to easily create a cohesive, full-looking arrangement. And it’s *so* easy to use.

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

The frog also allows you to use bowls or vases you might not otherwise be able to use, such as a shallow candy bowl, or a much wider bowl, for example. This opens up all kinds of creative possibilities. It’s also great for flowers like tulips or gerbera daisies that tend to droop when dehydrated.

One Amazon reviewer Lori shares, “[I] wish I would have purchased these years ago. They make my flowers look so much better. Such a simple item but what a difference in how my flower arrangements look.” Another gushes, “I saw a florist using one of these so decided to purchase as the shape of my numerous vases don’t hold flowers well. This little frog is an absolute game-changer — I get so many compliments on my flower arranging now. It’s solid, so no tipping and hold[s] all stem[s] very well. Worth every penny!”

As a tool that takes something that brings me so much joy and makes it look even more beautiful, the humble flower frog takes my amateur bouquets to the next level. I love products that make a good thing even better.