Just Like Mom’s: What Sandwiches Did You Grow Up With?


My mom is a great cook, but she is an especially beautiful sandwich maker. She could whip up an extra-tasty Reuben, or for something more unusual, a peanut butter and tomato sandwich. The idea of sitting at the kitchen table eating Mom’s homemade sandwiches (even the weird ones!) is enough to make me nostalgic. What kind of sandwiches did you grow up with?

My husband doesn’t have quite the family sandwich memories that I do, but he fondly remembers his grandfather making grilled cheese with roast beef and tomatoes and Monte Cristos.

Do you have a sandwich that feels like a classic in your home? Is it traditional like a reuben or something a little quirky like chopped liver and radish? Share your own favorites in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member kimberlykv licensed for use by Creative Commons)