Just How Well Can this Flavor Fork Trick Your Tastebuds?

(Image credit: Claire Eggers)

We all know that taste and smell are closely linked, but just how easy is it for your nose to fool your tastebuds?

The folks over at NPR’s The Salt tested out a kit that allows you to combine the scents of your favorite foods along with the tastes of other foods. How does it work?

The kit comes with a special fork and a selection of scented oils — everything from mint to wasabi to banana. You put a drop of oil on one of the enclosed paper slips and then stick it into the handle of the fork. When you take a bite, you’ll get the flavor of the food you’re eating along with the flavor of the oil you’re smelling.

So how did it work? The results were mixed. Some scents, like wasabi, were true to their flavor and maybe even more potent. Others, like banana didn’t smell (and thus taste) like the real thing. Read the full report on NPR.