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The $5 Freezer Staple I Use for Lightning-Fast (and Flavorful) Breakfast Sandwiches

published Sep 17, 2023
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just egg folded egg patty on a bagel breakfast sandwich, turquoise plate
Credit: Elizabeth Briskin

I consider myself a hard-core morning person. I’ve always been an early riser and don’t usually battle the snooze button. I love mornings (the post-9 p.m. me is a different story). Despite my generally high a.m. energy, I’m not eager to put together an elaborate morning meal.

I’m constantly on the hunt for easy, quick breakfasts I can throw together to satisfy my hunger (which is usually not inconsequential in the morning, as I often go for a run). When I discovered JUST Plant-Based Folded Eggs in the grocery store freezer section, I had to give them a try. Something about the simplicity of popping an already-cooked egg (substitute) into the toaster to make breakfast was just so appealing. (No egg-y skillet or spatula to clean? Count me in.)

And ever since I had my first toaster egg patty, I’ve been making bodega-worthy breakfast sandwiches on the regular. 

Credit: Elizabeth Briskin

What’s So Great About JUST Egg Folded Plant-Based Eggs?

I’m not vegan. In fact, I love eggs. But I truly don’t miss runny yolks when I have a folded JUST Egg topping my toast. It’s a relief not to have to crack shells and deal with the inevitable goopy drip of whites in the morning. JUST Eggs folded eggs come straight out of the box, well, folded and ready to heat. They’re shaped like a neat little patty that fits perfectly atop sourdough or between halves of a toasted English muffin. 

I literally pop the eggs out of their package and slot them into my toaster (I love my Revolution toaster), where they take about six minutes to heat through and brown a bit on the edges. There’s basically zero cleanup. If you’re toaster-free, you can also cook the folded eggs in a skillet, oven, microwave, or in an air fryer, so you’ve got options. 

Aside from convenience, the eggs are very tasty. They’re made from mung bean protein, but don’t taste bean-y at all. On the contrary, they’re a bit garlicky and savory, and offer a nice blank canvas for any topping you can dream up. 

As a bonus, the eggs pack six grams of protein per serving, which is about the same as a chicken egg. 

What’s the Best Way to Serve JUST Egg Folded Plant-Based Eggs?

I like to assemble breakfast sandwiches and top toast with my JUST Egg folded eggs and whatever I find in the fridge. Avocado is an obvious favorite, but I also love bulking up my sando with sprouts, tomato slices, and some sort of spread, whether it’s cream cheese or my favorite jarred dip from Trader Joe’s

If you want to melt cheese on top of the eggs, you can cook them in a skillet and add a slice directly on top. But I’ve found that heating the eggs in a toaster, then immediately placing them on a plate, covering them in shredded cheese, and covering the whole thing with another plate or inverted bowl for a few minutes works to melt the cheese just so. You can eat them as-is or slot your cheesy eggs between toasted bagel halves. 

Buy: JUST Egg Folded Plant-Based Eggs, $4.98 for 4 eggs at Walmart

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