“The Great British Bake Off” Is Getting a Spin-Off for Kids

published Mar 15, 2019
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Move over, MasterChef Junior!The greatest cooking competition of all time, The Great British Bake Off, is finally bringing youngsters into the big white tent. The spin-off will be called Junior Bake Off, and it’s slated to air later this year.

The 15-part series will follow the 10th season of its much-beloved predecessor, and according to Ian Katz, Channel 4 director of programs, it will embody all the values that The Great British Bake Off is known for: “warmth, mischief and inclusivity.”

While The Great British Bake Off is famous for its positive, encouraging vibes (some friends have even told me they watch it to relax after a long day), there have been a few meltdowns (see that infamous incident with Iain and his baked Alaska). Baking under rigorous time constraints is inevitably stressful, and while it’s wildly entertaining to watch how adults handle it, I’m curious to see how that dynamic will translate with children.

Yes, we have seen how MasterChef Junior handles the stress of the cooking competition — usually with fun rewards like dumping ice cream all over host Gordon Ramsay (who, as it turns out, is exceptionally adept at mentoring children). Hopefully, this new iteration of Bake Off will hold true to its belief that ultimately baking brings joy and is a source of fun and play, not anxiety. But given that the adult version has seen the competing bakers become lifelong friends, it seems likely that the same will be true for Junior Bake Off.

No word on who will host Junior Bake Off quite yet. Prue and Paul could be sticking around (although Paul seems like he might be too harsh) or perhaps they will bring in some new faces. No matter what, I hope Sandy and Noel will be on hand to host (Can you imagine Noel interacting with children? That would be must-see TV.)

By the way, there shouldn’t be any more controversies over what station the show will air on: The Great British Bake Off has committed to staying with Channel 4 until 2021, presumably (hopefully!) with the same hosts.