Julie and Iker’s Surprise Pink Kitchen in Marina City

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last night’s Stanley Cup game was in Chicago — maybe that’s why we immediately remembered (and gravitated toward) this amazing Marina City home…and its pink kitchen!

Julie Michiels and Iker Gil are architects in Chicago and just so happen to be lucky enough to live in the Chicago landmark of Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City. What makes living in such an iconic building so substantial is the fact that they’re architects, so their surroundings are constantly inspiring them.

Julie and Iker rent their apartment, so they couldn’t just rush in there and change whatever they wanted. But really, who would want to? We absolutely love their pale pink kitchen with older appliances. Sure it’s not the newest, best, greatest modern kitchen — but that’s what is so great. It’s iconic and completely functional.

Their tea kettle matches the cabinets perfectly, and we love the drawer pulls. We find it extremely intriguing and interesting that their stove operates via push buttons! Julie and Iker don’t find it so interesting, they actually referred to it as one of the biggest challenges of living in the apartment!

What do you think of Julie & Iker’s Marina City Surprise Kitchen?

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