Juicy Hamburgers, Potato Salad, & Sangria: 15 Recipes for Summer Cookouts

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Happy 4th of July! Are you lazing about today? Headed for the grills in the park later? Or perhaps you are waiting for the weekend and you’re still plotting your big cookout menu. Well, we have a few suggestions. Suggestions like this 3-ingredient Hurricane, a cold and fruity classic cocktail you can mix up in a big pitcher. Or a pasta salad with tomatoes and basil, and the juiciest burgers ever. Read on for these and more: our own favorite cookout recipes.

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• 1 How to Grill Really Juicy Burgers – A recipe and more: Tips and step-by-step photos showing how to get the juiciest burger possible off a home grill.
• 2 Pepper Weenies with Smoked Bacon & Vidalia Onion Marmalade – If you eat just one hot dog this year, make it this one.
• 3 How to Cook Great Ribs in the Oven – For when you don’t have a grill, or can’t cook outside. These oven ribs are phenomenal.
• 4 Wild Rice Burgers – These veggie burgers are best cooked on the stovetop, but finish them carefully on the grill for a bit of smoky char.

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• 5 Tomato & Mozzarella Potato Salad with Lemon-Buttermilk Dressing – A simple yet totally flavorful salad for summer picnics.
• 6 Roasted Garlic, Olive and Tomato Pasta Salad – A creamy pasta salad with fresh summer tomato and lots of sweet roasted garlic.
• 7 Italian Macaroni Salad – Classic summer salad.
• 8 Sweet and Savory Wild Rice Salad – There’s a lot going on this sweet and savory, zesty rice salad.

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• 9 Mixed Berry Fool – Simple, cool, and fruity.
• 10 Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Pie – Extra easy pie, especially if you substitute storebought ice cream or frozen yogurt for the homemade.
• 11 Malted Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Squares – An easy no-bake recipe.
• 12 Lemon Cream & Coconut Icebox Cupcakes – The texture and flavor of a cupcake, with no heat and no cooking required at all!

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• 13 Non-Alcoholic Sangria – Sangria the whole family can enjoy.
• 14 The Original Hurricane – Simple and fruity, this three-ingredient Mardi Gras cocktail is easy to turn into a big batch for a crowd!
• 15 Chilean Pisco Star-Spangled Punch – Another great recipe for a crowd, and it’s spangled with fruity stars.

Happy 4th of July!

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