This Easy Tip Promises to Keep Your Burgers Juicy on the Grill

published Jun 7, 2022
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Burgers on grill
Credit: Christine Gallary

If you haven’t perfected your juicy burger game, diving fork first into grilling season can be daunting. But thanks to blogger @Virginiahlane, you’ll find a way to chill a bit … so to speak. 

According to her Instagram post, this style expert put fashion on the back burner to give a grilling secret to her 70,000 followers on how to achieve the juiciest burgers in town. All you need is an ice cube tray, one tablespoon of beef stock, and half a teaspoon of A.1. Original Steak Sauce to get there.

After stirring the two liquids together until blended, you’ll spoon them into an ice cube tray (the mixture will fill only one cube space), and place into the freezer until set. Then, pop out a frozen cube and fold it into the center of your uncooked burger meat. Form a patty shape, season the burger to your liking, and plop it onto the grill. The one-two punch of the broth’s extra juice and bold steak sauce tang keep the burger from drying out during the grilling process, while hitting you with just the right amount of flavor. Another pro tip: The higher the fat content in the burger meat, the juicier the burger will be.

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