One of Our Favorite Coffee Brands Just Launched a Limited-Edition Concentrate — And It’s Sure to Sell Out

published May 19, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Jot

Last June, while hunkered down and avoiding public spaces (including coffee shops), we declared this innovation by Jot Ultra Coffee to be “hands-down, the easiest way to enjoy cafe-style coffee at home.” And we weren’t just saying that. Jot Ultra Coffee is seriously smooth and, perhaps more importantly, could not be easier to make. Simply mix one tablespoon of the concentrate with seven ounces of water or milk — hot or cold. Voila! You have the perfect cup of Joe.

As it turns out, we’re not the only people who have great things to say about it. Ever since the launch of Jot’s highly potent, liquified coffee concentrate, the direct-to-consumer brand has amassed a loyal following of subscribers and more than 5,000 five-star reviews. Because of the success of Jot’s core formula, as of today (May 19) the brand announced the launch of a new limited-edition version of their concentrate called Daydream. (And they expect it to sell out quickly!)

Buy: Daydream Ultra Coffee, $24 for one 6.8 ounce bottle

Credit: Lauren Masur

Behold, the new (left), next to the old (right).

Upon first glance, the most obvious difference between Daydream and the original is the bottle design. The whimsy art was the brainchild of Elena Cashion, a Baltimore-based artist who drew inspiration from the warm weather of spring and summer: “The bright colors and playful shapes reflect the magic I feel for the warmer months. Ideas can flow freely as the long days make room to play and daydream,” she says.

But there’s more! Once sipped, Daydream gives off welcome-yet-subtle notes of chocolate, nougat cream, and fruitiness, ideal for iced coffee. (Fans of the original formula can rest assured that Jot’s signature smoothness is still front and center, though.) Finally, the beans behind this brew were responsibly sourced, and handpicked by the Abakundakawa women’s cooperative in the Gakenke region of Rwanda, a group dedicated to uplifting women within their communities.

Credit: Courtesy of Jot

The last time that Jot launched a limited-edition bottle, it sold out in less than two weeks. So if you want a taste, we recommend adding Daydream to your cart, um, ASAP. Otherwise, if you wait too long, that’s just what this all will have been: A daydream. (Of course, you’ll still be able to get the original.)

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