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This $30 Dish Rack Looks Wacky, but Is Totally Ingenious

published Jul 6, 2022
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I found the most brilliant dish rack completely by accident — and it’s all because I decided to tweak my kitchen space. After renovating my apartment, I removed my double sink space and opted for just one single sink. This meant I gained more counter space (yay!) but I also stumbled on another problem — where to put my wet dishes after hand washing them (not so great). That’s when I immediately went on the prowl for a handy dish rack that was small and compact, yet functional, for a keen cook who also values tidiness. Luckily, I came across the ingenious-yet-wacky contraption that I absolutely love — the Y Dish Rack from Joseph Joseph.

Credit: Michelle Tchea

I call it a “contraption” rather than a kitchen tool because it looks like something out of a science lab. The Y dish rack plays off the simple design you see in most conventional dish racks where it opens up like a fan to make room for wet plates to dry on the V-shaped wire, but the Y dish rack is such an improved version. In fact, let’s just call it the Dish Rack 2.0.

Credit: Michelle Tchea

What makes this Y-shaped dish rack so interesting is that it is much more sturdy than the alternatives. This adds to its charm, even though it’s simple in design. Get this — the wire, which we all know can eventually rust, does not sit directly on your kitchen countertop. Instead, there’s a plastic grooved tray that catches any excess water and lets it slide off into your sink. While I need to tilt the tray after every wash to make sure all of the water drains off, it’s a task I can do without any effort, so I’m not complaining.

Another top perk is that the base provides additional room for odd-shaped dishes. I don’t have to balance my cups on the side to dry; instead they sit upside-down on the tray. Plus, any cereal or ramen bowls can either sit on top of the wire or on the bottom tray without toppling over. Large utensils, such as the spider strainer I use for scooping out noodles and dumplings, can also fit easily on top of the V-shaped wire. And if I want to use it, the dish rack comes with its own tiny cutlery holder.

The best part, though, is its small size. It’s compact enough to sit on my tiny apartment countertop without taking up too much space. I had planned to pack it up and put it away on days that I’m not using it. But because it is so compact, I don’t find it to be an eyesore. In truth, I actually haven’t taken it apart since I purchased it!

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