This Cult-Favorite Brand’s Space-Saving Storage Solutions Are Half Off Right Now

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Let’s face it: The kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to keep organized. Pots and pans of varying sizes get awkwardly stacked up, oversized utensils stick out of drawers, and storage container lids spill out of cabinets. (Ugh, those lids!)

While it’s tempting to throw your hands up in defeat and resign yourself to a life of takeout and microwaved meals, let us direct you instead to this Joseph Joseph super sale that’s happening right now at Macy’s. From space-saving storage and kitchen essentials to organization solutions that can control the clutter, the colorful storage brand has everything you need to create a streamlined kitchen. Best part? From now until Feb. 23, you can score an additional 20 percent off already low prices with code PRES during checkout. Below, some of our favorite picks.

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1. 4-Piece Large Index Cutting Board Set

This dishwasher-safe set of four color-coded cutting boards keeps your kitchen clean and salmonella-free, helping to avoid cross-contamination while cooking. Prep raw chicken on one board, then swap to dicing up veggies on another. The boards file into a free-standing holder, making them a cinch to slip into a small space on the kitchen counter. 

Buy: 4-Piece Large Cutting Board, $48 (normally $100)

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2. 10-Piece Nest Storage Set

Maintaining a collection of storage containers, all with different lids and capacities, can be a daunting task. They never fit anywhere and seem to take up way more space than they’re worth. That’s why this compact set from Joseph Joseph — with containers ranging from 8 oz. to 101 oz. — is a total game-changer. The colorful lids clip together for compact storage, saving you space (and headaches).

Buy: 10-Piece Nest Storage Set, $24 (normally $43)

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3. DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organizer

If you have tiny kitchen drawers, take a cue from our Lifestyle Director, Lisa, who has written about how this smart utensil organizer kept her cutlery clutter in check. Plus, the unique design lets you store utensils at an angle — increasing the capacity as well as saving you the hassle of digging through a pile of spoons to find the right one. There’s also a matching knife organizer (on sale!) to safely stack up to nine knives.

Buy: DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organizer, $8 (normally $17)

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4. Nest Plus 9-Piece Set

We’ve raved about this set previously, and with good reason. For starters, it’s got everything you need to whip up a meal or baked goodies — mixing bowls, colander, and measuring cups and spoons — all in one compact, colorful, cute package. Plus, once you’re done, into the dishwasher it conveniently goes!

Buy: Nest Plus 9-Piece Set, $40 (normally $84)

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5. CupboardStore Compact Tiered Organizer with Drawer

Perfect for spices and other small, hard-to-store kitchen items, this unit boasts tiered shelves to keep everything visible and organized. Plus, it comes with a small drawer to hold tiny odds and ends, like chip clips or seasoning packets.

Buy: CupboardStore Compact Tiered Organizer with Drawer, $12 (normally $25)

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6. BladeBrush Knife Cleaner

Save your sponges — and your fingers! — with this smartly designed brush that will become the MVP of your utensil cleaning crew. The textured grip prevents any slips while scrubbing, while the tough bristles envelop your knives to scrub away food particles from even the most stubborn serrated edges.  

Buy: BladeBrush Knife Cleaner, $6 (normally $14)

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7. Flip-Up Drain Board

Save that precious counter space with this innovative drain board that features a plate drying rack that flips up when needed. Not drying plates? Keep the rack flat and use the board to dry wide items like frying pans or pots. Unlike most drain boards, this one doesn’t have any bulky sides, so you can easily store it in a drawer or cupboard if you’re entertaining and need the counter space.

Buy: Flip-Up Drain Board, $16 (normally $33)

Credit: Macy's

8. Podium 5-Piece Stackable Storage Set with Stand

Arranging storage canisters in a tight cabinet can often turn into a game of Jenga. This stackable set puts an end to all that unnecessary maneuvering with its easy tiered shelf system that has a designated spot for every canister.

Buy: Podium 5-Piece Stackable Storage Set with Stand, $40 (normally $83)