This $12 Kitchen Find That’ll Instantly Maximize Your Cabinet Space

published Aug 23, 2022
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Kitchen cabinets can be among the most precarious places to organize in your home — and for good reason. As far as storage goes, they take on the lion’s share of the work in your space, corralling everything from the five sets of pans you just had to have (they were on sale, after all) to a plethora of pots, skillets, and containers which may or may not have been collecting dust since your college days.

If you don’t have some method to the madness within your cabinets — whether that’s a handy pan rack or over-the-door storage options — you’re bound to be overlooking valuable space that could be better put to use just by having the right organizational tool on your team. One of the peskiest things to organize within your cabinets? Pan lids.

You know the deal: You precariously stack your lids (which, let’s be honest, might not even have a matching pan to belong to) and end up having to rifle through the whole tower just to throw a top on your stovetop sauce or butternut squash soup. Sound familiar? Then you need this organizational solution from editor- and reader-favorite brand Joseph Joseph. Not only are these In-Cupboard Pan Lid Holders genius in their simplicity, but they also make use of one of the most underutilized “storage” spaces in your cabinets: the doors.

Here’s how they work: You simply peel off the strong 3M adhesive backing and adhere them to the inside of your cabinet doors, then nestle your pan lid within the holder — it’s as easy as that! Now, a few pro tips. If you want to maintain the best adhesion possible (especially important if you have heavy glass lids you’re hoping to hang), you’ll want to clean the back of your cabinet doors thoroughly before using the adhesive to hang the holders. This will de-gunk and de-grease the surface, allowing for a more durable seal. Another important thing to do ahead of time? Sketch out where you’re going to stick ’em! There’s nothing worse than hanging all your lid holders only to realize that you can’t actually store lids in them because they’re too close together. Make sure to leave enough room between each holder so you can easily store (and remove) the lids.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to do a little inventory of your cabinets before putting any new storage solution to work. Remove all your current lids, pans, and pots and ensure each has a proper match before granting them precious square footage back in the cabinet. There’s no point in storing the lid to the pot you trashed years ago, right? Take care of those mini chores and you’ll be ready to make the most of your cabinet space with these Joseph Joseph lid holders. Your cabinets will never look the same (that’s a good thing, by the way).