This 2-in-1 Kitchen Tool Does All the Meal Prep of a Mandoline Without Taking Up Space (It’s on Sale!)

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2-Piece Mandoline Grater Set joseph joseph amazon
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No matter how nicely I ask it, my kitchen refuses to create more space for all the tools and appliances I want to store there. I accept that a barista-quality espresso machine or a fancy programmable toaster oven are out of the question, but other times, my kitchen is a little unreasonable. For instance, it won’t give me room for a lid and spoon rest (which I need desperately), and I even have to use tinier cutting boards to leave space for food prep bowls on my counters.

One gadget I really wish I could fit in my kitchen is a mandoline slicer. I know many models have foldable legs in order to be somewhat compact, but their overall size is still too big to squeeze into one of my overcrowded cabinets. That’s why I was thrilled to find this handheld mandoline from Joseph Joseph. It’s sleek and short enough to lie flat in a drawer, yet can still do all the slicing that bigger (and more expensive) models are known for. Plus, it comes with a handheld grater to replace your bulky box grater. This set was made for small kitchens!

Whereas traditional mandolines include a hard plastic piece that you have to stab into food in order to secure it while slicing, this one uses a more versatile silicone accessory that lets you comfortably grip ingredients no matter their shape or size. You can hold it like pincers to grip small or long ingredients such as radishes and carrots, or press it flat against larger items (think: eggplants) to move them against the blade while keeping your fingers safe. That innovative gripper design seems like a serious improvement, and with additional silicone padding on the corners of the mandoline, you won’t have to worry about it slipping at all.

I’m also impressed that Joseph Joseph found a way to let you adjust the depth of your slices without sacrificing the tool’s slim design. In lieu of the bulky dials that mandolines have for choosing slice depth, this one has a flat piece on the back that you can slide with one finger to select three different cutting sizes. Plus, it doubles as a safety mechanism: Push it all the way up to lock it in place against the blade and make sure no sharp edges are exposed when you put it away. We love that dual functionality!

Credit: Amazon

The grater is a smart, space-saving addition in its own right — and it’s great that it’s part of this bundle. It has the same silicone-covered handle as the mandoline, so it won’t slip out of your hand when you’re using it, and it has two sizes of blades for coarse and fine grating. But, my favorite detail is its protective slipcover that also serves as a catch tray when you put it on the back. Having a catch tray makes using the grater so much neater and lets you easily pour ingredients without having to scrape them up off your cutting board first.

Whether you, like me, are in a constant negotiation with your kitchen over storage space, or you just appreciate the convenience of compact, well-designed tools, this set from Joseph Joseph is a win-win. Grab it now while it’s still on sale.

Buy: 2-Piece Mandoline Grater Set, $33.81 (normally $39 )