The “Superhero” $8 Organizer That Will Declutter Your Fridge for Good (You’ll Want Five!)

published Jan 10, 2024
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A person standing in front of an open refrigerator inside a kitchen
Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

I’m not the type to have an ultra-organized fridge — I’m not going to decant all my produce into aesthetic containers or add festive baskets or bins, and I’m certainly not going to worry about the melange of condiments weighing the door down. But, of course, kudos to people who do. Even though I’m generally averse to clutter, what’s inside the fridge doesn’t count, because it’s not going to be seen much by guests, and I’d rather spend my time cooking than chasing a perfectly arranged fridge. 

But even fridge organizing skeptics (or deniers) like myself can benefit from a few smart solutions here and there. Take my bottom shelf, for example: It’s become sort of a catchall for canned beverages, quart containers of leftovers, and packages of meat waiting to be cooked that week. Needless to say, it could use some help. Because this shelf has a decent chunk of vertical space, it’s underutilized unless I stack things precariously on top of each other, risking both a toppling spill or forgetting what I have because it’s obscured. So, who would have thought that the simplest, slimmest little item would make a world of difference? Well, I guess the makers of the Joseph Joseph FridgeStore Divider, that’s who. 

For me, this storage gem is best put to use by holding a bunch of cans over to one side of the fridge. If you frequently host, you’re probably familiar with the motley crew of beers, seltzers, and canned cocktails left over after a party, and if you hate food (or beverage) waste like me, you probably hold onto them way longer than is necessary. This poses a problem for the fridge, of course, because if we’re not drinking from the cans and throwing them away, they just continue to take up space until the next time someone’s over and happens to want a three-month old IPA. 

Credit: Caroline Mullen

In the past, we’ve pushed the cans to the very back of the fridge to keep them out of sight and out of mind, but this tends to be the coldest spot in the fridge and can sometimes end up freezing cans, causing them to leak or even explode. Sure, I guess an easy solution would be to just get rid of some High Noons, but where’s the fun (and sustainability) in that? Now, with this nifty little divider that attaches directly to your shelves via suction cups, we can collect as many leftover cans as our hearts desire (okay, maybe not that many) and keep them safely stowed away from the super-cold back of the fridge, awaiting the next gathering. At 6 inches by 8 inches, it fits in even the smallest of fridges. 

Some other uses? Chilling several bottles of wine or bubbly at a time without taking up precious top-shelf or door space; stacking up condiments, olives, pickles, and anything else in airtight jars; or keeping an impressive stash of baby bottles at the ready. Of course, you can also add more than one divider to the same shelf, which can set clear boundaries for roommates sharing a fridge or family members who have a tendency to chuck things into the fridge without thinking. It would also be great for filing away bags of frozen goods, so you can easily see how many zip-top bags full of red sauce you’ve got. And for school lunch-packing, this could be a great way to designate specific meal zones!

Credit: Caroline Mullen

At only $7.99, this little guy is definitely a worthwhile investment in cleaning up your fridge (and actually keeping it that way). Plus, it’s easy to wipe clean should it get dripped or spilled on, unlike other fridge organizing solutions that have lots of nooks and crannies. If you’re sold on the idea (how could you not be?), I’d just recommend thoroughly cleaning and drying the shelf you’re putting this divider on — that way the suction cups will have a clean surface to properly grip onto.