More Than 8,000 Amazon Shoppers Bought This $10 Organizing Solution Last Month (It’ll Instantly Declutter Your Drawers)

published Apr 22, 2024
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Organized kitchen drawer
Credit: Lucy Schaeffer

Being organized isn’t just about what others see; it’s all about you. Sure, your place might look neat and tidy on the surface, but once you pop open those drawers, it’s a whole other story, especially without enough closet and cabinet space. If you’re in the mood for spring cleaning or just trying to get your clutter in order in a small apartment, we get the struggle of finding good storage solutions. It’s all about being clever, especially when it comes to that tiny utensil drawer in the kitchen.

Enter Joseph Joseph’s DrawerStore Utensil Organizer. It’s slim enough to squeeze into those cramped kitchen drawers (or make the most of big ones). The idea is pretty ingenious: Instead of laying out your utensils flat, why not stack ’em up and save space? Former executive lifestyle director Lisa Freeman tried it out for herself and says, “It somehow holds all my butter knives, small and big forks, and small and big spoons — eight of each! Plus, a few extra bits.” And, guess what? It’s on sale for 39% off, so if it’s calling your name, we suggest you snag it while the deal lasts.

What Is the Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Utensil Organizer?

Rather than hogging all your drawer space with a flat-laying utensil organizer (or tossing everything inside and hoping for the best), why not give this sleek Joseph Joseph organizer a whirl? It has five angled compartments that hold up to 24 pieces of silverware, so you can maximize your space. Just double-check that your drawer measures at least 3.25 inches in height for a proper fit — because the last thing we want is for you to struggle with closing it! But chances are, you’ll be good to go in the height department, and if so, this organizer will be a total space-saver.

Credit: Joseph Joseph

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“I just love this brand, so totally worth the extra bucks for the sleek look n’ feel. Extreme space saving, I couldn’t believe it. Just make sure you properly measure your drawer height and depth before purchasing, but should fit standard sized kitchen drawers. Love it so much and can highly recommend!” — ZINET-SOFIA CHAIDOPOULOU 

“Since this is narrower than most utensil organizers, it’s great for smaller spaces. I didn’t realize how narrow it is and stored extra stuff on the side of it in my kitchen drawer.” — L

“I more than doubled the amount of space in my silverware drawer by using this incredible flatware holder. Now, the large wood flatware sectional I was using holds all of my other untensils like serving spoons, specialty knives, ice cream scoop, measuring spoons, etc. It’s a game changer.” — JMB6  

For just $9 on sale, there’s no reason not to consider this Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Utensil Organizer. Not only does it accommodate all your butter knives, small and large forks, and small and large spoons (eight of each!), but it also frees up space in your kitchen drawers for other items. And, with a discount of 39%, it’s definitely hard to ignore.

Buy: Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Utensil Organizer, $9.08 (originally $14.99)