If You Can Only Buy One Thing on Prime Day, This Is It

published Jul 12, 2023
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Interior of messy kitchen drawer (junk drawer)
Credit: Photo: Lucy Schaeffer; Prop Styling: Tom Hoerup

As a cleaning and organizing editor, it’s my job to know and share the very best ways to declutter your home and help keep messes at bay. Testing out the best products and solutions for junky corners and spaces comes with the territory, and spotting a closet full of a secret stash of the smartest organizational products is not an unusual occurrence in my home. Put simply, I’ve tried it all — and after years of road testing the best of the best, I can confidently recommend the right products for your most pesky everyday clutter dilemmas. 

Quick Overview

What’s So Great About the Joseph Joseph Expanding Organizer?

This expanding organizer from Joseph Joseph is perfect for cutlery, utensils, and gadgets, so it’s super versatile for your junkiest kitchen drawers. It’s also on sale during Prime Day for $18.25, down from the original $24.99

And when those organizational heroes go on sale, I want you to be the first to know and save. As you’ve likely heard by now, it’s time for Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale. With thousands of popular products (and tempting price reductions) to choose from, it can be tough to determine exactly which ones to treat yourself to during the sale. Don’t worry, though — I’ve got you covered!  

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My kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in my home, and I’m constantly buying new accessories, appliances, and decor to personalize it. I have to admit that it’s way more exciting to buy a new vase for fresh flowers than it is to shop for kitchen organizers, but the truth is that we need both items to truly have a functional and personalized kitchen. If you’re shopping the sale for an organizer that will help you bring some peace back into your kitchen, may I recommend starting with your junkiest kitchen drawers

Aside from our classic “junk drawer” — where we stash household knickknacks, mail, and a surprisingly large collection of condiment packages and extra straws — the other eyesore drawer in my kitchen used to be the utensil drawers, which were overflowing with mismatched sets and an oddly expansive collection of butter knives we seldom even touch. That is, until I stumbled across the fan-favorite Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Expanding Cutlery, Utensil & Gadgets Organizer, which typically retails for $24.99 and is currently on sale for Prime Day for $18.25. I have several friends who have this exact organizer, and I’ve always been jealous of their streamlined drawers, so I finally treated myself to one. If you buy just one item for your kitchen during the sale, this is it! Why do I love it so? Let me count the ways.

It encourages you to declutter and organize.
If, like me, when you open your drawer you’re staring at way more mismatched knives and forks than you need or use on a daily basis, it’s time to declutter your utensil collection a bit. Using this organizer would totally help me do so. It comfortably holds two to three complete sets of cutlery, but no more. To get the most out of the different stacked compartments for each type of cutlery, I had to streamline our junky collection. (Something that was long overdue.) I plan to donate the overflow and the rest fit beautifully into this gem.

It holds large and small utensils well.
Remember that this handy organizer is also expandable, and can be stretched up to 22 inches to help you store both your large and small utensils.

Credit: Charli Penn

It both organizes your cutlery and keeps your drawer looking organized.
Trust me — not all drawer organizers are created equal. Sure, a lot of them can help you better organize your cutlery drawer, but the “after” doesn’t often look much neater than the “before.” This Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Expanding Organizer’s unique design hides a lot of the bulk and gives your utensil drawer an instant style upgrade. One note to consider: The style of this organizer stacks each type of utensil, with the handles up. You won’t be able to tell the knives from the spoons at first glance unless you remember the order you stored them in. While 66 percent of Amazon reviewers give this product four stars or better, some found this detail to be frustrating.

It creates more storage space out of thin air.
Have you ever used a cutlery organizer, only to find that while all of your forks and spoons are together, the bulky overflow takes up the space you need to stash smaller utensils, like your seafood crackers and picks? The super-smart design of this organizer is very popular with Amazon shoppers because the twin gadget compartments leave ample room for these additional items. As you can see, I managed to fit all of the extras in mine.

Okay, so let’s recap: If you’ve been looking for a new utensil or gadget organizer, and you’re ready to declutter and organize your kitchen drawers, run, don’t walk over to your Amazon cart and put this one in it before the deal ends. You won’t regret it!