The $15 Spice Organizer That Created Storage Out of Thin Air in My Tiny Kitchen

updated Jan 31, 2023
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Credit: Kenan Hill

It should come as no surprise that the few cabinets in my small New York City apartment kitchen are pretty much at full capacity. I mean, with a job like this (which literally requires me to test bakeware, multipurpose cookware, and the like), plus my love for all things cooking, there’s just no space!

Short of throwing out all my pasta (which I will never do), I’m finally beginning my foray into the world of kitchen cabinet and countertop organizers to free up my junk drawer, sink, freezer, and all the other nooks and crannies teeming with gadgets, gizmos, and gear.

I started my organizing journey (never too early for spring cleaning, right?) in the spice department. Until recently, I’d been stacking my spices and herbs in a tall, small, and skinny cabinet (4 by 12 inches, to be exact) that had me removing every single jar any time I needed to finish off a dish. (I have so many questions for the architect who designed this apartment.) Not only was it a total hassle, but it was also a waste of precious space — that cabinet could be used to house cutting boards or cookie sheets! So I turned to one of our most beloved organizing brands, Joseph Joseph, and bought this brilliant $15 spice holder.

What’s So Great About the Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Spice Organizer?

The space-saver is simple, yet so effective — it’s quite literally a bucket that holds up to seven standard spice jars and it basically swings out of a sturdy sleeve that you clip underneath a cabinet or shelf. In other words, your cumin and paprika are tucked away until you’re ready to use them. Not only does the organizer capitalize on the few inches of unused space below my cabinetry, but it also allows me to easily peruse my spices without unnecessary rearranging or messy rummaging.

Installing the spice organizer didn’t require any assembly. I just slid it underneath a shelf and dropped in some spice jars. The arms on either side of the organizer will fit standard cabinet shelves that are about 3/4 inches in thickness, and while I didn’t have any issues with my setup, I used the strips of 3M VHB tape on the back for extra security. Hey, I invest in good spices and I don’t want them clattering to the floor every time I open the cabinet for a can of chickpeas!

Credit: Stella Totino

I’ve moved the organizer around a bit since I first got it, testing it out in different spots around my kitchen for maximum convenience. I settled on hanging it underneath a cabinet right next to my stove for easy access while cooking and so I can make room for other cabinet organizers I’ve been eyeing. I love how easy it is to use and clean because, let’s face it, chances are my hands are covered in tomato sauce, hummus, or grated cheese half the time I’m standing at the stove. If the handy organizer gets dirty, I can simply wipe it with a warm, soapy cloth (I always opt for these awesome reusable Swedish dishcloths) and voilá!

Credit: Stella Totino

This little space-saving organizer has been well-worth the money and I’m enjoying my nightly cooking routine so much more. I mean, who wouldn’t once they’ve cleaned up a chaotic cabinet of jumbled spices? In fact, I’d be remiss if I didn’t invest in a few more around my kitchen to create storage space out of thin air. I’m already plotting a second one to stow sponges and cleaning brushes beneath my sink, and a third to stick in my fridge for jars of capers and bottles of hot sauce — the possibilities are endless.

Buy: Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Spice Organizer, $14.99