This $8 Colander Is Perfect for Berry Season

published Jun 15, 2023
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Blueberries in a magenta/purple metal colander on a white cutting board with sprigs of mint
Credit: Laura Moss Photography / Shutterstock

When summer rolls around, my fridge is fully stocked with peak-summer fruit — honey-sweet melons, ripe stone fruit, and all the berries you can imagine. We’re a fruit-loving household, and I like to have a steady supply of nature’s candy in the fridge when my kids ask for snacks. I point them toward something that grows and we’re both satisfied. 

Quick Overview

Why We Love the Joie Blueberry Colander Pod

Not only is the Joie Blueberry Colander Pod super cute, but it also keeps washed berries dry so they won’t spoil faster than you can eat them. At just $8, it’s an adorable and affordable way to make your produce last longer.

If we’re not snacking on fresh berries out of hand, we’re mixing them into scones and baking them up in a crisp. Needless to say, we go through a lot of fruit. But fruit — especially berries — has a notoriously short shelf life, and produce prices aren’t exactly cheap right now. So, in an effort to preserve every last bit, I rely on clever storage containers, like my Joie Blueberry Colander Pod, which keeps washed blueberries ready to go.

What’s So Great About the Joie Blueberry Colander Pod?

First, one of the things I love most about the Joie Blueberry Colander Pod is that it’s cute. And sometimes that’s enough, you know? The sweet little pod makes me smile as I add blueberries to my breakfast yogurt cup, and that’s a win. 

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

But beyond the adorable vibes, I really appreciate the pod’s functionality. All too often, my 5-year-old daughter drops a plastic clamshell of blueberries, which instantly breaks open and scatters berries into the far corners of my kitchen, only to be discovered weeks later as desiccated blueberry raisins. 

The dishwasher-safe colander, which holds exactly one pint of berries, is easy for small hands to grab and hold, and has a sturdy lid that won’t pop off, so even if she does drop it, the berries stay mercifully contained. When it’s time to open the pod, the lid twists off easily. And because the 6-inch pod is smaller than the usual clamshells from the grocery store, it also takes up less space in my crowded fridge. 

The pod’s colander feature also encourages me to wash my berries ahead of time. They drain in the colander while on the counter or in the fridge and won’t sit in water, but I still like to give them a little pat with a paper towel to remove excess moisture and avoid mold. Keeping berries dry is key to ensuring they last, but by having the berries washed, dried, and ready to go in the cute little pod, we end up eating them more often, which means they don’t have time to sit around and spoil — so it’s definitely a win-win for my home team.