John Legend’s Secret to Super-Crispy Roasted Potatoes

published Sep 20, 2021
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Roasted baby potatoes cut in halves, spread out on a pan.
Credit: Kelli Foster
Roasted baby potatoes

Although Chrissy Teigen is the one who makes her name in the kitchen, the other half of the celebrity couple — John Legend — also has a few culinary tricks up his sleeve. He gets credit for some of the recipes in his wife’s book, and he happily joins Teigen to cook on her various social media outlets. Last week on TikTok, Legend revealed his secret for making super-crispy potatoes.


That sizzle tho 🤤 (Modified from @johnlegendofficial ’s recipe from Cravings) #crispypotatoes #shawarma #spices

♬ original sound – Cravings by Chrissy

The recipe he makes in the video uses the same technique as in Teigen’s book Cravings, but switches out the classic rosemary flavoring for the shawarma-style spice mix that she sells on her website. He cubes the potatoes and cuts the onion into wedges, then demonstrates the most important part of the recipe: He drizzles four tablespoons of olive oil onto the sheet pan and places it in the oven to preheat for about 10 minutes. “You gotta heat it up,” he explains. “That way, when you put the potatoes on there, it will tssssss.”

That noise he makes? That’s the sound of sizzling, which is what you want to hear when you add the potatoes to the hot oil. In the book, Teigen also points out that you should definitely use a baking sheet with a rim, or “your oven will become one giant grease fire.” It’s a smart move: The hot pan and oil can start cooking the potatoes immediately on contact this way without any cold oil soaking in. Sara Tane pointed the same idea out earlier this year in her piece on TikTok potatoes, saying “When my goal is maximum crispiness, I add a generous drizzle of canola oil to the pan.” She also suggests a roasting pan if you don’t have a rimmed baking sheet, and advises making sure that the potatoes are completely dry before tossing them in the hot oil.