Joe’s Industrial Milwaukee Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We were immediately attracted to this industrial kitchen for several reasons. We’re suckers for DIY and we’re completely jealous of the amount of space this home owner had to work with. We’re also blown away by how great of an impact the kitchen and dining area have, even though they’re only a small portion of the home.

Joe Locher, the home owner hit the jackpot when he purchased this old cream city brick hardware company building. It was filled with abandoned industrial hardware, old wood and tons of treasures &mdash he was basically a kid in a candy store.

The kitchen he created is so great for several reasons. First, he was able to create an area that is distinctly the kitchen in an open plan space. We love that he chose to only have one full wall and two half walls &mdash leaving the kitchen open, yet still its own space. Plus, we absolutely love floor to ceiling subway tile!

One of the half walls was creatively crafted using a reclaimed hardware store sign. The sign was a great way to bring in art, drama and a throw back to the original graffiti &mdash store signage. We also love that he used the opposite side of the sign for storage. He installed redwood forest scrap shelves on opposing walls and uses them to store glassware and appliances!

Reclaimed wood is certainly found throughout the entire home, but we especially love it in the kitchen and dining room. The dining room table is an absolute masterpiece and apparently weighs over 1,000 pounds! It’s so rustic, yet completely elegant at the same time.

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(Images: Elizabeth Setterfield)