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Classic Key Lime Pie Just Got a Sweet Upgrade with This One Fruity Addition

published Feb 3, 2022
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As the official state pie of Florida and a tourism-driving staple in the Florida Keys, it’s easy to see why many might associate the Key Lime Pie with warm weather. But in a recent visit to the Today Show, Brunch Fest contributor Jocelyn Delk Adams reminded viewers that there’s really no reason not to enjoy this American classic year-round.

While introducing what she says is her “daddy’s favorite recipe,” Jocelyn even offered a twist that could make key lime pie the star of your Valentine’s Day dinner.

The simple, four-step recipe starts with a graham cracker crust — which Adams suggests you press down with a measuring cup to ensure its evenness before baking for about 10 minutes at 350°F to produce a “nice golden color” on the outside. As your crust sets, you can work on your filling which consists of four main ingredients: egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, and key lime juice. 

According to Jocelyn, there is definitely a difference between key limes and traditional limes in this instance. But the good news is that canned or bottled key lime juice should be fairly easy to find year-round. Or if you can’t seem to come across any, Jocelyn notes that you can always substitute the lime with lemon juice.

The suggested (and unexpected) Valentine’s Day twist for this traditional key lime pie, however, comes after you’ve poured the filling into your pie crust. You’ll melt two tablespoons of seedless raspberry jam to a liquid consistency in the microwave. Once the jam is a little easier to work with, use it to dot the top of your key lime filling, then use a spoon to create the pattern of your choice. While Jocelyn made hers into a checkerboard, you can certainly feel free to get creative.

You can get the full recipe here.