Joanna Gaines’ Son Crew Helping Her Make Pasta Sauce Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

published Aug 16, 2022
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Joanna Gaines portrait
Credit: Courtesy of Magnolia Network

While making a pot of pasta sauce last weekend, Joanna Gaines had an unexpected helper. No, it wasn’t husband and Fixer Upper co-star, Chip, who’s been known to lend a hand or two. And it wasn’t any of the home bakers from the couple’s new Magnolia Network show, Silos Baking Competition.

Instead, in the Instagram video she shared with her 13.6 million followers, viewers were delighted to discover her 4-year-old son Crew acting as, according to her caption, “my little sous chef.”

The adorable budding cook had to kneel on a stool to assume his position as official taster. He reached into the pot with a tiny spoon and was so taken with the sauce, he helped himself to a second spoonful — to both the delight and horror of commenters.

“Cute but double dipping is gross!” wrote one fan. “Does it really matter if he tastes it once or twice,” asked another, adding, “I am sure the sauce is just for his family. My kids are adults and they still try food off my plate no biggie. You do you Crew.”

Crew then got to work on the ground beef, chopping it and adding a pinch of salt with his little fingers. He also counted basil and bay leaves with his sweet voice, seeming to take his responsibilities very seriously.

As the youngest Gaines, it would come as no surprise if Crew could one day have his own cooking show. In the meantime, though, he might want to also help his mom make some of her famous lemon bars or favorite candy recipes. They’re so good, who could blame him for double dipping?