JetBlue May Be the Only Airline That Gets Airplane Food

updated Dec 17, 2019
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One might argue that airplane food has made some major strides in the past decade. These improvements are mostly in first class, where partnerships with famous chefs have meant meals and wine that you can actually stomach. But let’s not forget that fact that economy passengers can now get a semi-decent wrap or a box of totally acceptable snacks. Yes, you will probably have to pay for those mediocre offerings, but one could make the case that, even so, it is better than the sad chicken casseroles of yesteryear.

Still, despite such potential arguments and case-making, I would say that airlines have, for the most part, completely missed the mark when it comes to food.

Even when I’ve been lucky enough to get upgraded out of the steerage compartment of the plane, I am never (ever, ever, ever) enthused about my multi-course meal. I’m not saying this to be snobby. I just think it’s really difficult to make good, hot food at cruising altitude. The highlights are predictable: the toasted nuts, the cheese plate, and the dessert, especially if it involves warm cookies or ice cream.

Which is why I have come to the conclusion that JetBlue may be the only airline that really gets airplane food.

Now, when JetBlue introduced its first-class cabin, Mint, the airline did attempt to go haute with some fancy-pants meals created by New York restaurant Saxon + Parole. But since then, they’ve introduced two partnerships that speak to some real savvy.

Earlier this year, the airline teamed up with Milk Bar to offer passengers the perfect trio: everything bagel, green juice, and a cookie. This is exactly what I want to eat on a plane.

And just yesterday, JetBlue came out with an announcement that has me seriously giddy: They are now serving ice cream from Coolhaus!

(Image credit: Coolhaus)

The Los Angeles-based ice creamery is known for its ice cream sandwiches and pints with chunky mix-ins. You can only get scoops on board (for now!?), and the current flavor lineup includes: Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Dirty Mint Chip, and Strawberry Mojito.

I’m thinking definitely the Dirty Mint Chip. Or maybe the Strawberry Mojito? Can I get a cookie with that Tahitian Vanilla Bean?

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