Jenny and Cristina’s Fresh White & Green Rental Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Oh my. This kitchen is just what we needed to see today, on a gray day with almost no sun. This kitchen is full of sun, with its pops of unexpected color and all that rich, fresh green. This is a spring kitchen, no matter what time of year it is.

Jenny and Cristina’s kitchen is in a rental apartment that is over 100 years old. Their landlord is fairly hands-off so they’ve had the space to paint and do some work to the apartment. But it’s still a little crumbly around the edges, with scary wiring and ancient linoleum in the kitchen. (We’ve all been in kitchens like this, right!)

But Jenny and Cristina have made such a warm, personal home in this apartment, and we simply love their kitchen. We love the way they’ve worked with their red tiling (that red door!) and brought in those unexpectedly springlike accent colors. The yellow and green are so inspiring — is spring here yet?

(Images: Jessica Watson)