Jennifer’s Bright &amp Airy Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s a long list of reasons why we love Canada and now we have another reason to add to the list; Jennifer and James’ Bright and Airy Kitchen. Mixing good design, flow and family friendly ambiance is not easy to pull off and it’s rare to see such a successful example.

Magazines and catalogs make the combination look effortless; but there’s actually a lot that goes into it. Jennifer describes her home as “comfortable retro modern” and there’s certainly no denying that. The colors in the bright and airy kitchen are subtle with punches of colors. Yellow and teal are modern and retro at the same time and that’s why they’re so successful &mdash no matter how they’re used.

We’ve talked about kitchen carts and islands several times on TheKitchn and our favorites have always been of the brightly colored variety. In Jennifer’s case, her brightly colored cart is the perfect focal point in the center of the white kitchen. The yellow accent pieces are also perfectly placed pops of color that add interest to the space.

The copper tile backsplash is unique and inventive. We’ve seen plenty of copper range hoods, but it’s not every day that you see the beautiful material used to catch the splatter of our finest concoctions. The backsplash also helps to bring the modern and retro elements into a cohesive wonderland.

We also enjoy the small office space in the kitchen. It’s a great place to reference online recipes or spend time with your children while they do their homework and you’re cooking dinner! The two bar stools at the countertop also allow for more family quality time!

What do you think of Jennifer’s Bright & Airy Kitchen?

(Images: Jennifer Johner)