Jennifer Garner Credits Ina Garten for Her Success in the Kitchen: “Anything I Do Well, It’s Because of Ina”

published Apr 24, 2023
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 13: Jennifer Garner attends the Apple TV+ "The Last Thing He Told Me" premiere at Regency Bruin Theatre on April 13, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)
Credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Nobody seems to go harder for Ina Garten than The Last Thing He Told Me star, Jennifer Garner. Recently joining Harper’s Bazaar for its “Food Diaries series, Garner gave viewers a peek at what she eats in a day — and just how much inspiration she gets from the Barefoot Contessa on a daily basis. Whether she’s cooking for her children at home or grabbing a snack while on the run, you just might be surprised at how similar the actress and mother of three’s eating habits are to your own. 

“My regular breakfast is coffee and more coffee,” Garner begins, stating what takes top priority. “I take my coffee black, sometimes with an almond milk cappuccino.” But when the Alias star is looking for something with a little more substance for breakfast, her go-to lately has been full-fat yogurt with berries and nuts, adding that she “usually gets fixated on one type of breakfast for a few years.” 

When it comes to a midday snack, Garner fancies something that can be eaten on the go. “Really, truly one of my favorite snacks is Once Upon a Farm. It is the best thing to eat on the go.” 

She also emphasizes how she always has an apple and on busy days, she likes to slice it up ahead of time “because otherwise with lipstick, it’s a disaster.” She then puts it back together like a puzzle before putting it in her bag for later. “But an apple and peanut butter, I would say, is my number one snack,” Garner added. 

Garner’s typical dinner can be described as what she calls “mom food.” Although she does not consider herself to be a great chef or baker, Garner says that she loves to cook for people who she loves, and “the gift of being a mom is being able to train your kids’ palate to your own food.” 

But perhaps one thing that may not be too surprising about her interview was the love she has for Ina Garten, and how she heavily leans on Ina Garten for inspiration in the kitchen. “I love her recipes, you can count on them,” she exclaimed before emphasizing Garten’s classic roast chicken as a personal favorite. “Anything I do well, it’s because of Ina Garten.”

I don’t know about you, but hearing Jennifer Garner cosign the Barefoot Contessa is a pretty big deal to me. It just goes to show how influential a good cook can be to the masses. It’s also pretty great that Garner enjoys folding her salad up inside of a slice of pizza and enjoying a glass of wine for dinner. After all, we can’t always suppress the urge to eat like a kid and turn anything into a taco

Watch the full video below.