Jennifer Garner Admits Not Every One of Her Meals Are Perfect, Proving That She’s Just Like Us

published Mar 31, 2022
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Jennifer Garner
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Known for her infectious positive nature both in daily life and on screen, actress Jennifer Garner recently gave us another reason to love her even more. Despite being active in the kitchen via her Pretend Cooking Show, she admits she’s actually not that great at cooking but has a ton of fun even during her mishaps. 

“To me, baking and cooking for your family is love,” said the actress. “They know that I care and that I’m trying my scattered best.”

On her Instagram show that began as homemade videos in her kitchen and has recently earned a partnership from KitchenAid, the Adam Project star shows off her culinary skills along with some smile-inducing mistakes. It’s this level of realism that’s a huge part of the show’s charm, showing us stars are people, too.

“Sometimes I really do think about 50 percent of what I make works out. It doesn’t deter me. Honestly, my kids are pretty patient with me,” the mom of three (Violet, 16; Seraphina, 13; and Samuel, 10) told People in the interview that touched upon her carefree kitchen attitude. 

While her foibles usually range from using wrong ingredients to overcooking a dish, sometimes those mess-ups literally send a recipe up in smoke. Who can forget the time she almost set the house on fire while making her close friend Ina Garten‘s beef bourguignon recipe?

While she has a self-proclaimed 50-50 success rate with her cooking, the recent partnership with KitchenAid was a 100 percent fit for the occasional chef, as she notes her long history with the brand. “I’ve been a KitchenAid person my whole life. When I was little, I dreamed of my having a stand mixer, but that was fancy,” Garner recalled in the People article. “When I was a kid, my friend’s mom had a green one that I just coveted. But we had a hand mixer that we used for absolutely everything and it was a KitchenAid.”

She even reveals how she sometimes brings her own KitchenMaid mixer with her on set. 

“This baby and I have been places together — like, literally — I’ve been known to bring him on location with me when working out of town,” she said during the Pretend Cooking Show episode introducing the new partnership.

So if you were wondering whether or not you and Jennifer had enough in common to become BFFs, the fact that she messes up in the kitchen too proves that you may be more similar than you thought.