We Tried Jeni’s New Ted Lasso Ice Cream — and Here’s What We Thought

published Feb 27, 2023
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“Ice cream’s the best. It’s kinda like seeing Billy Joel live. Never disappoints.” That’s Ted Lasso on his favorite dessert. As someone who’s seen Billy Joel in concert several times (once on tour with the Elton John!) and never turns down a scoop, I wholeheartedly agree. Wholeheartedly is the only way to agree with Ted Lasso, after all.

So when I, along with many on the internet, read about a limited-edition flavor from Jeni’s Ice Cream — Biscuits with the Boss — in collaboration with the show and namesake, Ted Lasso, I stopped everything I was doing to find out more about this new drop. 

Biscuits with the Boss, officially announced back on February 16, will be available on March 2 online (noon eastern time) and in scoop shops (noon local time), ahead of the season three premiere of Ted Lasso. (It’s March 15, if you want to mark your calendar.)

What’s Biscuits with the Boss? The name, of course, is a play on coach Lasso’s morning ritual; he brings shortbread biscuits tucked inside little pink cardboard boxes to his boss, owner of AFC Richmond football club, Rebecca Welton. (The crumbly cookies play a small, but integral part in cementing their friendship over the first two seasons.) It’s a sweet cream ice cream with crumbly shortbread cookies and a hint of sea salt.

I got my hands on a pint (okay, two pints!) in advance and got to give it a try. I popped open a pint, added some scoops to a bowl, turned on some Billy Joel tunes, and dove in — spoon first. 

My Honest Review of Jeni’s x Ted Lasso Biscuits with the Boss Ice Cream

Biscuits with the Boss is a cacophony of tastes and textures in the best way possible. The sweetness of the sweet cream ice cream, while rich, does not overwhelm like I thought it might. Instead, it showcases the decadence of the milk and cream used to make it. Although the scoop looks light on the crumbly, buttery bits of shortbread cookies, they punctuate each and every creamy bite. And the hint of sea salt is a surprising yet thoughtful parting gift. The four notes — sweet, savory, creamy, crumble — do not disappoint. Kinda like the show Ted Lasso! 

The only thing that makes this ice cream better? Sandwiching it between two biscuits. Order your pints here to find out for yourself.

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