Five New Approaches to Roasted Veggies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When I discover a new way of preparing something I really love, I don’t turn back. I eat raw kale salads every few days. I love using olive oil in cakes. Or banana in ice cream. This week, I stumbled upon a few new ways to prepare roasted vegetables, and I think you’re going to be as enthusiastic as I am.

Roasted veggies always remind me of Fall. When the air first gets cool and crisp, I reach for squash and sweet potatoes. But delicious, filling roasted vegetables can be wonderful all year long, especially if you mix up the way you prepare them. Here are five solid places to begin:

Experiment With Spice: Moroccan Mint Roasted Vegetables – 101 Cookbooks
Salt Roast Them! Salt Roasted Root Vegetables – Bon Appetit
Add Dried Fruit: Sweet Roasted Vegetables with Dried Fruit – ScandiFoodie
• Get Boozy: Roasted Maple Bourbon Carrots & Parsnips – Good Housekeeping
• Add Gravy: Roasted Vegetable Poutine – Everybody Likes Sandwiches

(Image: Courtesy of Wiley via The Kitchn)