Jar Tops: Universal Lids for Some Jars

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love Mason jars. We use them for all sorts of things around the kitchen. So when we first saw the prototypes for these universal lids that add even more functionality to our Mason jars, and to cleaned-out jelly and tomato sauce jars too, we were pretty impressed. Well, that prototype is now in production and for sale.

These jar caps can be screwed on to nearly any standard-sized jar to create a pitcher, an oil or vinegar cruet, a creamer, and a sugar or cocoa shaker. Each set includes:

• 1 long-handled cap
• 1 oil & vinegar cap
• 1 cocoa shaker cap
• 1 creamer cap
• 1 sugar shaker cap

We love simple ideas like these that make it easier to reuse and recycle something we already have.

• Find them! Jar tops universal lids, $25 at Unica Home

(Images: Unica Home/Royal VKB)