January 2010: Eating Light (and Refreshing Your Kitchen)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In January almost every food publication on the face of the earth focuses on eating light. Get back into healthy habits and routines after the splurge of the holidays! Clean the caramel off your stove, and restock the fridge with cruciferous vegetables, they advise. We here at The Kitchn will follow along gamely, as we do want to eat a little lighter this month and get our kitchens in shape for winter cooking. But it’s also dark and cold outside, so eating light needs to lead to one thing: refreshment.

What do you need right now to refresh your cooking, your eating, and your kitchen? That’s what we’re talking about this month. I personally need to finish a kitchen deep-clean and maybe freshen up the walls by painting them too. I also want to eat lots and lots (and lots) of vegetables. Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, nourishing soups, and whole grains are all on my to-make list.

But so are a few comfort foods — foods that bring cheer in a dreary January. I am thinking of baking bread, roasting potatoes, and quite a few rich and meaty braises. All eaten in moderation, of course.

I want to bring flowers into my kitchen, turn up the lights, and have friends over for relaxed dinner parties. I want to cook and take my time about it — the rush and stress of the holidays is over.

And yes, I want to be aggressively health-conscious this month, while still enjoying the pleasure and refreshment that come from a nourishing kitchen.

What about you? What do you need to be nourished, refreshed, and lightened up this month? What lightens you (your size, your mood, your kitchen, your happiness) and how can we help you achieve it?

Welcome to Eating Light Month; let’s all get refreshed together.