Jane’s Sleek White Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A 110-year-old kitchen that is still functioning and working properly is hard to come by. In most cases, home owners renovate their kitchen and let their wildest imaginations run wild. That’s what Lisa did in her 110-year-old house — kitchen renovations galore!

Jane’s kitchen is bright white and full of light — just how a lot of home cooks like it! The kitchen is sleek and modern, but the bright white ties the whole house together. Did you see the view Jane gets each time she’s cooking in her kitchen? We’d love to be able to cook in a kitchen that provides so much light and views of beautiful greenery.

We’re huge fans of kitchen islands. They’re so practical and help to distinguish between eating area and kitchen area. They’re also great for keeping engaged with family and friends while you’re cooking. You can utilize the island for so many different steps of the cooking process and still hold a conversation. Jane’s island matches perfectly with the rest of her kitchen and gave her the perfect excuse to use those fantastic stools.

All of Jane’s appliances are Miele and we’re pretty jealous. They are so simple and sleek, yet really pack a punch! Range hood you ask? What range hood? Exactly Jane’s point &mdash it’s so well concealed and fabulous and made by Qasair!

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(Images: Jenny Butler)