Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Gingerbread

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We are so intrigued by this gingerbread from Jamie Oliver. It doesn’t look like anything like gingerbread to us, and yet it also looks irresistibly delicious.

Oliver says that this recipe is his attempt to replicate a recipe from a shop in the Lake District that he visited years ago. Their recipe is 150 years old, and secret, of course. So he tried to copy it. This one is very unusual; it sounds more like a graham cracker to us. It actually uses crumbled storebought shortbread (you could also use your own) and some of the gingery crumbs are pressed into the hot cookies right after baking.

It looks delicious and versatile — a great afternoon snack, but also good with tea or ice cream. Has anyone tried this one?

• Get the recipe: Ultimate Gingerbread

(Image: Chris Terry for Cook w)